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Jack Finch
Jack Finch
Was a pleasure working with this firm, our Lawyer Gabriel was amazing, very polite and very professional. Our lawyer ensured that we had all the documents we needed and more to guarantee us our sponsorship. No kickbacks, no second attempts. All granted on first attempt (I know someone who went with a different firm and got rejected twice for sponsorship). All-in-all, Visa applications can be stressful and strict, I would highly recommend getting a lawyer and if you do, make sure it's a good one such as these or your gonna have a tough year ahead.
Betty George
Betty George
Have found Gabriel at Jameson law, very friendly and approachable and efficient and helpful, what you need in the law firm - not intimidating. Got my issue sorted & got a good result, will definitely recommend Gabriel & her colleagues - like Sali who are extremely helpful as well, lovely Office & lovely people. Kathleen
noor mubeena
noor mubeena
My sincere thanks to Gabriel Mackenzie @ jameson law for the guidance, support and assistance with visa processing. I'm really so grateful and thankful for her efforts for making this to get happened.
Kashish Talwar
Kashish Talwar
My sincere thanks to Wissam Philopos. Wissam is a great lawyer and a very kind human being. He is very knowledgeable, super professional, a great lawyer and has guided me in every aspect of my case. I was so frightened and confused earlier but he and Jameson law as a firm has helped me a lot. Best thing is they understand problem of a person and helps to their best. I highly recommend taking advice from Jameson law and. Thank you Wissam.
Punit Mathur
Punit Mathur
I received professional and correct advice by Gabriel on my Citizenship and Permanent Resident Return Visa application. Gabriel's advice has helped me take steps in the right direction which resulted in my Return Visa 155 being processed. I shortlisted Jameson Law after researching other Law firms and I am happy I made the right decision. Thanks Gabriel.
Christian Targett
Christian Targett
I highly recommend Jameson Law. Wissam was fantastic from day 1. My well-being was a high priority for Wissam. Very easy to deal with and very transparent. My experience with all staff at Jameson law was friendly and professional. Highly recommend giving these guys a call and see how they can help you too.
Joel Delaney
Joel Delaney
I sought the assistance of Jameson Law after a mobile phone camera traffic offence. Wissam was my solicitor, and I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided. Wissam was always honest and forthcoming, he was understanding of the circumstances and remained positive at all times that we would be able to work towards a positive outcome. He was absolutely clear and concise with the advice he provided and prepared as best possible for court proceedings. I’d like to mention additionally that due to staffing Wissam managed to accomplish all this with an increased caseload, and never utilised that as an excuse, nor did he have any reason to for how tirelessly he worked in order to provide me the best defence possible. At the end thanks to Wissam and the collective team at Jameson Law I received the absolute best outcome possible. Thank you Wissam and Jameson Law
Tony Thai
Tony Thai
Wissam proved to be an exceptional lawyer. With such short notice he was able to help my traffic case and get a reduced disqualification.
Jessica Hanna
Jessica Hanna
A big thank you to Gabriel Mackenzie @Jameson Law for her help, guidance and support with the process of getting my Visa. She was so patient while I gathered the relevant documents and still managed to secure me my visa promptly. I’m so grateful for her efforts, and I’m so happy with the results! Thank you again Gabriel!

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    The Minister for Home Affairs can revoke your citizenship attained through application or conferral for the following reasons:

    Being convicted of having made a false statement or concealed a material circumstance in connection with the citizenship application;

    Citizenship was granted as a result of migration-related fraud;

    Citizenship was approved as a result of migration-related fraud by a third party;

    Being convicted of an offence and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment (where the offence took place before citizenship was granted);

    If parents lose their citizenship (except by death), their children under the age of 18 will may also lose their citizenship;

    If you are over the age of 14 and you have dual citizenship, you renounce your citizenship by acting inconsistently with your allegiance to Australia by engaging in activities associated with terrorist offences;

    By serving in the armed forces of another country who is at war with Australia.

    If your citizenship has been revoked, you may be able to appeal the revocation in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. For further information, contact our Immigration Law team for a free initial consultation.

    If you are an Australian permanent resident, you do not have an automatic right to re-enter Australia if you leave. Depending on the terms of your permanent residence, you may be required to apply for a Resident Return Visa. It permits you to travel in and out of Australia as many times as you like before its expiry. It is valid for five years.

    Becoming an Australian citizen entitles you to many opportunities that are not available to Visa holders and permanent residents. These include:

    Voting in federal, state/territory elections and referendums

    Apply for children born overseas to become Australian citizens

    Apply for a job in the Australian public service and Defence Force

    Seek election to Parliament 

    Apply for an Australian passport and freely re-enter Australia

    Ask for Australian consular assistance while overseas

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