Conveyancing is the overly complex process of transferring a property ownership from one person to another. Whilst simply swapping bsb and account details, and getting the transaction over and done with works for most purchases and sales, conveyancing is instead a rather complex process with ever-changing legal requirements and updated contracts. Our conveyancing lawyers take all the headache and frustration out of the transaction, and rely on their years of conveyancing experience to provide you with total clarity and understanding of what is required one baby step at a time. Their experience and qualification as lawyers puts them in a position to better highlight and advise on all of the risks involved in the transaction and where possible provide solutions to mitigate and/or remove those risks. They will also provide a simple list of timeframes and critical due dates to be aware of if you proceed with a conveyance.


Our Conveyancing Services

Buying a House or Property

Seeking legal advice when looking at a real estate contract is critical. There are many horror stories of purchasers being blindsided by vendors and/or their agents and ending up in an absolute mess. When conducting a conveyancing transaction on behalf of a purchaser, our conveyancing lawyers ensure you are prepared for critical due dates that will arise during the three major stages of conveyancing transactions. These are generally categorised as the pre-contract, pre-completion and the post-completion stages. During a conveyance, our conveyancers will:

  1. Prepare and lodge legal documents such as the sale of contract and memorandum of transfer 
  2. Research the property by checking its certificate of title for easements, type of title, any odd listings and conditions and address any concerns with the property purchaser
  3. Calculate and deposit the correct monies into a trust account
  4. Settle the property by acting on your behalf during the settlement, liaising between the both bank representatives, the seller’s conveyancer, the regulator and any other 3rd parties required for the transaction. The purchaser will then be advised once the property has settled successfully.
  5. Ensure the purchasers rights and interests are adequately represented with a vendor or the sellers agent

Selling a House or Property

When you decide to sell your house or property, you should engage a conveyancing solicitor to prepare a contract for sale of land. This applies to house, land, townhouse, unit, shop, warehouse sales and everything in between.



Buying or Selling at Auction

Auctions can be a dynamic and interesting process, however you must be aware of the rights you waive from purchasing at auction, and critical aspects of selling via the Auction process.


Retail and Commercial Leasing

Whilst real estate agents sometimes water it down, there are clauses that can catch you out in Retail and Commercial leases that will break the bank. While logically speaking, you may expect Retail and Commercial leases to be similar, but in fact they governed by different laws and regulations.


Residential Leasing

To preserve your rights as a lessor or lessee it is always a good idea to seek legal advice on your residential lease. What seems to be a clear cut contract may have terminology that will pass you by, binding you to items or payments that you did not intend to agree to.


Buying or Selling a Business

If you are buying or selling a business, it is not enough to just sign a contract for sale of land, but rather a contract listing detailing what is included in the sale must be clearly written and agreed on.

What to expect from our Conveyancing Lawyers? 

 There’s more to conveyancing services than just qualifications and legal advice. If you’re still in doubt, here’s precisely how our conveyancing lawyers can help with the property conveyancing process.

Full Lawyer Representation

 You can rely on us to fully represent you in your next real estate transaction. Our property lawyers are well acquainted with the property market and its regulations. And backed by the Australian property law, you are guaranteed fairness and honesty in every step of the process.

Conveyancing Advice

 Real estate decisions and transactions are significantly detailed and can be full of loopholes if not appropriately handled. Because our property lawyers are familiar with both conveyancers as well as the property law, we offer you conveyancing advice to make sure you’re getting your property’s worth and inform you of possible issues that need addressing.

Full Disclosure Conveyance Fee

At Jameson Law we tackle costings by using experienced lawyers who can efficiently and effectively undertake the conveyancing transaction and process. We make sure that every client of ours receives a full cost disclosure agreement upfront consisting of both fixed legal fees and disbursements.

Legislation Knowledge

It’s worth noting that a one-size-fits-all set of legislation for property transactions in Australia doesn’t exist. Rather, each state and territory has its own property laws governing the market. Accordingly, it’s always important to rely on a lawyer to ensure abidance by the respective law and avoid any losses.

Don’t risk it!

Don’t run the risk of losing your property or losing a large sum of money. Mistakes are a likely occurrence for anyone who is not a seasoned conveyancer working amid the tremendous amount of legal documentation, and work that goes into the transaction. Our experienced conveyancer lawyers take on every case personally and process every document and detail themselves, leaving nothing to chance.


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