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Our estate lawyers will your final wishes

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Hiring a good Estate Lawyer means all your T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Don’t leave it to chance – Jameson Law’s Estate Lawyers will protect your family’s well-being and your final wishes even when you’re no longer around to direct things.

Our lawyers are proficient and have a dedicated team of legal writers behind them. This ensures your will is accurate, valid and covers anything that means everything to you!

What information do you need when putting together your will?

  • Vehicles: The model, year, and registration details of any vehicles you own; including motor vehicles, caravans, boats, and/or motorbikes
  • Shares and Investments: All Security Reference Numbers – these can be found on dividend statements
  • Funeral Arrangements: Details of any prepaid funeral plan/policy and/or funeral bond and/or prepaid monumental works
  • Bank Accounts and Term Deposits: Recent bank account statement along with account numbers
  • Superannuation: The name(s) of your Fund/s and your Member number(s)
  • Insurance: The company names and reference numbers relating to your life or life or funeral policies
  • Overseas Assets: Details regarding any international assets you have
  • Other Assets: The trust deeds, partnership agreements, and/or articles of association relating to private companies, partnerships, and/or family trusts AND Details of any digital assets such as online betting accounts
  • Liabilities: Details of any outstanding liabilities, such as a home loan or other loans, including loans to family members.

What considerations do you need to make?

  • House: 
    • Whether your house is mortgaged and to whom
    • The location of the Certificate of Title and what the title reference is
    • Whether you own your property with one or more other people as either Tenants in Common or Joint Tenants
  • Vehicles
    • Whether there are any loans against any of your vehicles, and to whom these loans are owed.
  • Shares/Investments
    • Whether the shares are held jointly or individually and where your capital gains records are held
  • Funeral Arrangements
    • Instructions with respect to your burial or cremation
  • Superannuation
    • Whether there are named beneficiaries and/or whether you have a binding nomination
  • Insurance
    • Whether you have any beneficiaries nominated in relation to your funeral and/or life policies
  • Furniture and Effects
    • The estimated value of these items
    • Any specific items that might need a separate mention in your Will (especially those of a higher value and/or of sentimental value, for example, original paintings and/or service medals)
  • Guardianship for Children under 18 years of age
    • Your wishes in relation to the guardianship of any children under 18 years of age

Book Now and let thy will be done

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your consultation will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes

When it comes to your will, no one is looking at the clock. It is critical that we capture your requests with absolute clarity. Prior to your consultation, we highly recommend emailing through the details and documents outlined in the checklist above.
After your consultation, our dedicated legal drafters will draw up your will in a format to protect your will from contests and ensure your will is executed as intended.

It is important to update your will if and when there is a critical change in your asset holdings, you get married, a beneficiary or executed pass, you get married, you get a divorce, a new baby, changing your mind, and of course you simply change your mind.

Wills can be contested when children, partners and even ex’s are not given a share in the inheritance. Our estate lawyers follow case law closely and provide advice on the best possible avenues to ensure your final wishes are fulfilled. This can often include annexing additional letters and statements to your will to support your expressed exclusion of those individuals from receiving all or any part of your estate.

Life circumstances change, so it’s advisable to regularly review your Will to ensure that it accurately reflects your current wishes.
A Will must be signed by the person making the Will, and witnessed by 2 or more witnesses.
Beneficiaries should not be witnesses as it may cancel out their entitlement.
You can appoint Jameson Law as an independent and professional executor of your Will, and/or we can take over the task if requested.