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Need expert representation at your next campbelltown court appearance?

Have you been served with a Court Attendance Notice to attend Campbelltown local court? Our experienced Campbelltown lawyer will provide you the legal representation you need to obtain a good outcome in your matter. The sooner you act, the sooner your matter can be done with. You can find information about the Campbelltown local court and contact the best Campbelltown lawyer on this page.

Unless you have legal representation and your lawyer asks for you to be excused on the next occasion you are required to attend Court every day your matter is listed. If the court excuses you, you won’t have to attend the next mention. However, you will still need to attend your hearing or sentencing.

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Campbelltown Local Court

The old Campbelltown Local Court House was based on Queen street and built in 1886. 

How to get to Campbelltown court:

Train Station: Campbelltown Railway Station is the closest, exit Hurley Street following onto Railway Street

Bus: Bus Stop ID 256029 (Queen Street )

Is there parking available?

Campbelltown Council Hurley Street Carpark – off Hurley St, Milgate Ln

What are the nearest landmarks?

Mawson Park

Campbelltown local court lawyer

History of Campbelltown Local Court

The old Campbelltown Local Court House was based on Queen street and built in 1886, designed by James Barnet. For it’s time period, it had some pretty serious coin thrown in, with the interior decked out with cedar fittings. Additions were made in 1966 by the NSW Government Architect with mark the lower floor of the older building.

Heritage Significance

The building is part of the Town layout designed by Governor Macquarie and is an important building in the Campbelltown townscape, with the court house use having continuity of site since 1827.

HERITAGE LISTING: LOCAL: LEP 2002 STATE: Proudfoot: Index No. 38, Category 2 Macarthur Regional Heritage Study: Map 5 No. 48 National Trust (NSW): Classified FEDRAL: Heritage Commission (National Estate): Registered

The new courthouse pictured above was opened on Saturday last when a luncheon was given in the courtroom in celebration of the event.

Campbelltown Local Court House
Campbelltown court criminal matters

Why Call Jameson Law?

Our experienced Campbelltown criminal lawyer will guide you through the justice system with confidence and ease. Remember, we’re in it to win it, and will do everything in our power to help you achieve a better outcome for your court matter. Whether it is an AVO, assault, DUI, drink driving, drug driving, stalk and intimidate, affray or drugs our criminal lawyers and traffic lawyers are ready to fight for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re a party to a case in the NSW Local, District or Supreme Court, you can use the NSW Online Registry website to:

  1. Search for cases.

  2. View case information.

  3. Download case documents (such as judgements and court orders)

  4. View court dates.

The most recently published judgments and decisions are listed on the NSW Caselaw homepage. To find judgments or decisions of a particular court or tribunal, use the Caselaw advanced search and browse pages.

It is open to the public, but attendance is required in person. Please adhere and check the latest court memorandums regarding attendance.

Indictable offences are dealt with by way of indictment in the District or Supreme Court. They involve a maximum penalty of more than two years imprisonment. Examples include:

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Dangerous driving occasioning death

  • Drug trafficking

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the Prosecution has the discretion to deal with some indictable offences summarily. Examples include:

  • Stalking and intimidation

  • Identity offences

  • Animal cruelty

  • Unauthorised use or possession of a firearm

A summary offence is an offence that is not dealt with by indictment and is heard in the Local Court. The maximum penalty that may be imposed is no more than two years imprisonment. Examples include:

  • Drink driving

  • Drug driving

For the Supreme, District, Local and Coroner’s Courts, you can first try the searchable court list at the Online Registry.

Our sydney criminal lawyers cover a multitude of areas, including more serious offences. Including but not limited to:

Family Violence
Family violence is among the most common cases we encounter, with both men and women subject to institutional abuse. While it doesn’t necessarily entail sexual abuse, in many cases, it does, and sexual assault is part of the Criminal Code. We handle such cases with confidentiality and cautiousness to ensure the best possible compensation outcomes.

Children-related Issues
The children’s court is frequently confronted with issues of child protection, children’s rights, custody arrangements as a result of divorce, parental responsibilities, and more.

Because we understand how far the impacts of such situations can go in the memories of children, we work rapidly and efficiently to establish protective measures against children’s trauma and minimise time spent in a children’s court. You and your children are fully protected with us!

We have a track record of achieving outstanding results when it comes to drug offence charges, ranging from demolishing the possibility of a criminal conviction, dropping charges through negotiations, securing “not guilty” verdicts in court trials, and more.

Our drug offences include commercial drug charges, drug importation charges, drug possession charges, and cultivating prohibited plant charges. We also work with minor possessions of prohibited drug offences, providing you with legal representation throughout the process!


Fraud is considered one of the most scheming criminal offences, and accordingly, it is punished severely by the court system’s penal code and criminal code. As specified by Australia’s penal code, the penalties can go as high as ten years of imprisonment.

Accordingly, understanding the law adequately and reaching out for professional legal advice to be your intermediary with the criminal justice system is a must. We specialize in forgery, identity crimes, tax fraud, Medicare fraud, and ID fraud.

Indictable offences are more serious charges than summary offences. Each section in the Crimes Act sets out the elements of an offence and the maximum penalty. However, depending on the facts of the case and the evidence available, the penalty can be anywhere between charges being dropped and the maximum penalty for the offence. It is important that you seek legal advice and assistance to determine how serious your specific case is, regardless of how serious the charge actually is. In many cases, your lawyer may make representations to the police setting out reasons why some or all charges should be dropped and this will save you the hassle of having to go to court or at least avoid a hearing.

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