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Contravene Prohibition – Conviction Overturned

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Our solicitor, Mr Wissam Philopos represented a man at Parramatta District Court in relation to a District Court Appeal. The matter proceeded before the Judge for a severity and all-grounds appeal.

The matter was first heard in the Local Court in about Mid-2022. Our client had been charged with Contravene Prohibition or restriction in an apprehended domestic violence order and common assault. However, the Magistrate returned a severe outcome convicting our client with a penalty of a supervised Community Corrections Order for (12) months.

Mr Philopos however believed that this penalty was too harsh for our client and advised him that it should be appealed in the District Court. Our client agreed to this as they had lost there security licence and working with children’s abilities due to the conviction.

Subsequently, our representation resulted in the District Court overturning the conviction on our client. The Judge ordered our client into a conditional release order without a conviction for a period of 12 months.

This was an outstanding result for our client. Mr Philopos’ ensured that we would receive the best possible outcome for our client as he never gave up in his pursuit to gain our client a fair result.

Our client was able to apply to reinstate his security licence and working with children’s check which were both revoked as a result of the conviction. This meant so much to our client as he had lost many aspects close to him during these proceedings. Thanks to Wissam’s sheer determination to get nothing but the best for his clients, the defendant was able to finish the proceedings a happy man!

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Mr Philopos who cares for his client’s circumstances and will work hard to ensure their case is prepared and presented in a way that ensures the Court gives full effect to every factor in a client’s favour.


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