negligent driving domestic violence charge

Common Assault (Domestic Violence related) and Negligent Driving matter dismissed


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Our Solicitor, Nicholas Hardy-Clements, represented a 33-year-old woman at Parramatta Local Court in relation to four charges.

The charges

  • Common Assault (Domestic Violence Related), pursuant to the Crimes Act 1900, s61.
  • Negligent Driving (no death of grievous bodily harm), pursuant to the Road Transport Act 2013, s117(1)(c).
  • Use Carriage Service to Menace/Harass/Offend, pursuant to the Criminal Code Act 1995, s474.17(1).
  • Knowingly drive motor vehicle in manner that menaces another person (first offence), pursuant to the Road Transport Act 2013, section 118(2).

Plea of not guilty and dismissal on the grounds of section 14(1)(a)

As per the clients’ instructions, we entered a plea of not guilty. The case was then heard for sentencing at Parramatta Local Court on 1 February 2022. Nicholas Hardy-Clements sought after a dismissal on the grounds of section 14(1)(a) of the Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act 2020. The magistrate dismissed the charges on the basis that the defendant is discharged into the care of a responsible person.

This was a great result for both our client and our criminal defence legal team.


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