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Lockdown has been difficult. However, it has been made even more difficult for those who have found themselves behind bars with COVID making its way into the NSW prison system.

This has resulted in NSW prisons being place in lockdown, some for much longer than others. Parklea Correctional Centre is just one example of a NSW correctional facility going into full COVID lockdown.

The lockdowns mean that those in custody are further restricted in their movement, access to their support network and their legal representatives. With access to custodies solely via telephone and AVL, it has become increasingly difficult to contact clients in custody.

This has resulted in lawyers unable to obtain instructions and provide advice to clients, often leading to multiple adjournments and significant court delays.

If you have a loved one in custody, rest assured that their lawyer is working incredibly hard behind the scenes to prepare their matter and make contact with them. If you have a loved one who has found themselves behind bars during lockdown, contact our Criminal Law team.


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