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Western Australia 2023-24 Skilled Migration Program

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As another year unfolds, so does Australia’s vibrant migration landscape. Among the pioneers this season is Western Australia (WA), launching its 2023-24 Skilled Migration State Nomination Program for adept professionals. If you’re keen on seizing golden opportunities in WA, the coming months of 2023 might be your time to shine.

Western Australia has been diligently refining its program, ensuring it aligns with both the needs of the state and potential applicants. According to the WA Government, the objective is clear: foster a streamlined connection between skilled migrants and promising WA job prospects.

Here's a comprehensive look at the enhancements you can anticipate:

1. Fee-Free Applications: An encouraging start to your migration journey, WA continues its decision from last year by waiving the A$200 application fee for the 2023-24 skilled migration year. It’s a nod to the state’s commitment to attracting global talent.

2. Refined Prioritisation: WA has revisited its sectors of critical demand. As a prospective applicant, if your expertise lies in:
– Building and Construction
– Education and training
– Healthcare and social assistance
– Hospitality and tourism

You might find the state particularly welcoming!

3. Equitable Ranking System: While all candidates are valued, WA does have a modest preference for those already within its boundaries. That said, both interstate and international candidates are now ranked on a unified system, ensuring fairness in selection.

4. Special Consideration for Construction Pros: Recognizing the high demand in the building and construction sector, the WA Government is now offering more lenient employment requirements. It’s a thoughtful move, presumably to entice more skilled workers in this pivotal industry.

Migration pathways, with their intricacies and nuances, can sometimes feel like uncharted territory. Whether you’re looking to understand the newest updates or seeking guidance on your migration journey, Jameson Law is here to help. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice in a friendly manner, ensuring you’re always informed and never overwhelmed. 


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