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Influencers vs. Restaurant: Lobster, Drama, and a Side of Defamation

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Welcome to the world of influencers, where a lobster dinner can lead to a legal hullabaloo that rivals the drama of a reality TV show. Sydney’s Silver Pearl Restaurant finds itself at the epicentre of a heated legal battle involving three food bloggers who have claimed defamation. Jennifer Do, Julie Nguyen, and Belinda Nguyen are seeking reparation after being accused of a dubious dine-and-dash.

The Main Course: The Charges

On a fateful Christmas Day, these influencers bit off more than they could chew—literally. They enjoyed a lobster dinner but paused the culinary experience to voice their grievances: the lobster was allegedly frozen and not the fresh, high-calibre crustacean they expected.

When the influencers left without paying the bill, the restaurant took to Instagram, attempting to slide into their DMs for a peaceful resolution. The influencers, perhaps following the age-old wisdom of “block and move on,” did just that. To thicken the plot soup, the trio was later spotted at another seafood joint, again diving into a lobster dish.

The restaurant, in a spicy retort, shared an Instagram post with evidence of the influencers continuing to munch on their meal post-complaint.

‘Within 24 hours, they have ALL BLOCKED US,’ the post stated. ‘What makes this matter worse, is that after they left us, they went to another seafood restaurant across the road and ordered lobster and wine again!

‘How could anyone eat more of what made them “feel sick”? let alone order another meal.’

The management then publicly named the patrons in their post, indicating the message would stay up for two days as a caution to fellow establishments.

‘Belinda, Julie and Jennifer, we are disappointed with your dishonest and fraudulent behaviour,’ they said. ‘We have hosted many food bloggers before, and none have ever acted this entitled.

‘This is totally classless behaviour, and we hope your reputation was worth tarnishing for $364.’

The Side Dish: Repercussions

Our influencers weren’t about to let this slide. With the restaurant’s claims seared into the public domain, they’re charging back with a juicy claim of defamation, insisting their reputations are now toast.

Justice Robert Bromwich, probably more used to dry legal scripts than this flavoursome saga, hinted that the legal costs might rival the price of a small yacht, or at least a whole lot of lobsters: likely to be no less than $500,000, but could be closer to $1 million.

Dessert: Broader Implications

This case serves a full platter of lessons on the dynamics between businesses and influencers in today’s digital age. It’s a world where a tweet can tickle, a post can provoke, and an online spat can spiral into a courtroom drama.

Digestif: Words from Jameson Law

Defamation cases require a delicate balance of legal expertise and an understanding of the nuances of the digital world. Jameson Law, with its wealth of experience in such matters, believes in the importance of ensuring that reputations are defended robustly and judiciously. In an age where a single post can echo indefinitely, it’s crucial to have seasoned experts on your side, guiding you every step of the way. If you find yourself in a situation where your reputation is on the line, remember: the expertise of a seasoned law firm can be invaluable.


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