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What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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what to look for in personal injury lawyer

In legal terms, personal injury refers to an individual sustaining physical or psychological damages at the hands of another party. If you have a personal injury, a personal injury lawyer helps claim monetary compensation on your behalf for any damages. They are particularly helpful when the other party, or their insurer, denies liability and drown you in a sea of paperwork.

Therefore, it is crucial that you find a personal injury lawyer who will help you navigate the tides. However, finding the perfect lawyer can be hard. This guide will help you find the best personal injury lawyer for you:

Step 1: Know firm reputation

It is always helpful to double down and do some initial research on Google as to a firm’s reputation. Understandably, you may feel suspicious of the reliability of what people say on the internet. There are firms who spend a lot of money on advertising, and your familiarity with their ads on billboards and bus stops does not translate to them having expertise. Nor would it guarantee the firm not putting you on the back burner once they secure you as a client.
Therefore, it is useful to ask family or friends whether they’ve used a firm in the past for a similar legal issue. By having had experienced the service and quality of advice, their referrals might prove to be most valuable.

Step 2: Review lawyer expertise and experience

Once you have enough confidence in a particular firm, you should narrow in on which lawyer you would like to see within that firm. Every law firm will ordinarily have a section on their website that provides information about their team of lawyers. You can check out Jameson Law’s one by clicking: About Jameson Law: Sydney Lawyers  – Attorneys In Sydney Reading the profile of each lawyer can give you a clear indication of who you want to speak to.

Step 3: Schedule a meeting

Having done Steps 1 and 2 to the best of your ability, you should be well-equipped to initiate the first contact with the firm and organise a consultation. The consultation will be the place to discuss your matter in greater detail and give you an opportunity to get a feel for the personality of the lawyer. Be wary of what the lawyer is guaranteeing you in relation to your claim. You should look positively on advice that seems harsh but honest, as opposed to white lies and unrealistic guarantees.

Overall, it is important that you feel confident in their representation.


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