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Author name: Cynthia Bachour-Choucair

Cynthia Bachour-Choucair is a Principal Solicitor with Jameson Law. She is an expert Personal Injury Lawyer with a true passion for the law. She heads the Personal Injury department overseeing all Motor Vehicle Accident, Abuse Claim, Victims Compensation, Workers Compensation, Medical Negligence, and Superannuation TPD & Income Protection Claim Matters. She also practices in Immigration, Family Law and General Litigation. She is most known for her comprehensive undisputable representations and case-winning submissions.

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Oppression Claims In Shareholder And Director Disputes

Oppression Claims In Shareholder And Director Disputes

Oppression claims are a critical aspect of Corporations Law and are subject to provisions under the Corporations Act 2001. It is irrelevant whether you are classed as a minority shareholder or a majority shareholder the remedy exists to rectify any oppressive conduct towards shareholders. Key aspects of Oppressive claims involve; A clear understanding of the

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Navigating Used Car Purchase Disputes What Are Your Rights

Navigating Used Car Purchase Disputes What Are Your Rights?

  In a nutshell… Purchasing a secondhand vehicle is an experience most people will have in their lifetime. Whether it is to purchase your first car as a teenager, your family car or your everyday car, secondhand cars are a normal part of most people’s lives at some stage. Of course there are many advantages

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Understanding Psychological Injury Claims at Work 1

Psychological Injuries at Work Claims Process

Understanding psychological injuries can be confusing. In this article, we explore the intricate landscape of psychological injuries in the workplace and the corresponding claims process in New South Wales. Covering essential topics such as eligibility criteria, legislative frameworks, claims procedures, and potential compensation amounts, readers will gain invaluable insights into navigating psychological injury claims effectively.

Psychological Injuries at Work Claims Process Read More »

Criminal Record Expungement

Criminal Record Expungement

Laws that regulate criminal record expungement Spent convictions legislation can be challenging to understand. In New South Wales (NSW), criminal record expungement is governed by the Criminal Records Act 1991. This legislation establishes a framework aimed at mitigating the impact of minor convictions on individuals who demonstrate a period of crime-free behaviour. Upon successful completion of this

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Domestic Violence Case Defences

Domestic Violence Case Defences

Facing false Domestic Violence charges can be tough, thrusting individuals into a legal quagmire with real-life consequences. Navigating the complexities of defending against such accusations requires a clear and practical approach. In this guide, we’ll break down the process, providing a straightforward roadmap for those grappling with unfounded charges.  We’ll explore the importance of gathering

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Assault Charges What you Must Know

Assault Charges: What You Must Know

Navigating assault charges in Australia can be daunting. Understanding the legal landscape is crucial. Assault encompasses a range of offences, from simple assault to more serious forms like grievous bodily harm. Knowing the distinctions, potential penalties, and legal defences is essential. In this article, we break down what you need to know about assault charges

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