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Author name: Cynthia Bachour-Choucair

Cynthia Bachour-Choucair is a Principal Solicitor with Jameson Law. She is an expert Personal Injury Lawyer with a true passion for the law. She heads the Personal Injury department overseeing all Motor Vehicle Accident, Abuse Claim, Victims Compensation, Workers Compensation, Medical Negligence, and Superannuation TPD & Income Protection Claim Matters. She also practices in Immigration, Family Law and General Litigation. She is most known for her comprehensive undisputable representations and case-winning submissions.

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Drug Offenses Legal Guide

Drug Offenses Legal Guide

Drug offences are an important aspect of criminal law. Consumption, possession, distribution and supply of illicit substances in Australia is a serious offence. Drugs are now affecting all areas of society including vulnerable individuals such as children. Drug offences, whether relating to controlled drugs or not, carry a minimum penalty of imprisonment with several different […]

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Defending Against DUI Charges

Defending Against DUI Charges

Defending against a drink driving charge in Australia can be daunting. In New South Wales (NSW), the law takes a firm stance on drink driving, with Section 112 of the Road Transport Act 2013 outlining the offence of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Penalties can include imprisonment, license disqualification, fines, and the installation of interlock

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Juvenile Justice System Insights

Juvenile Justice System Insights

The Australian Juvenile Justice System handles children aged 10–17 involved in criminal activities. Managed by state and territory governments, it emphasizes rehabilitation over detention. Each jurisdiction has unique legislation and is slightly different. The system prioritizes diversion by police or courts, steering youngsters toward support programs. Its overall aim is to make sure that children

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Policies for repeat offenders

Australia’s criminal justice system is complex, and sentences imposed for repeat offenders can vary across different states and territories. Additionally, laws and policies that are a part of the sentence imposed are subject to change. Because of that, it’s essential to consult the most recent legal sources or seek advice from legal professionals, such as

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Legal Defences In Self Defence And Provocation Cases

Legal Defences In Self Defence And Provocation Cases

Self defence and provocation cases are a difficult area of law. The arguments suggest that an incident resulting in serious injury, harm or death may have actually occurred due to the actions of the victim. Conversely, the offender could actually be the victim whose actions were a result of fear for their own personal safety.

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The Future Of Criminal Law Trends And ChallengesThe Future Of Criminal Law Trends And Challenges

The Future Of Criminal Law Trends And Challenges

Criminal law is subject to constant legislative reform, review and criminal justice reform. Crime prevention research is a continual process and criminal law trends and challenges need to be assessed to determine what changes may or may not need to be made. Major challenges facing the criminal justice system include, prison population issues, International criminal

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