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10 traffic offence questions asked by motorbike riders

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What our traffic lawyers Sydney are asked about speeding offences

  1. Was riding along the Cumberland Highway towards Liverpool and a highway patrol camping just after the overpass at Smithfield clocked me at exceeding the speed limit, whilst I was to the right-hand side of a car traveling quicker than I was (as he overtook me). The officer accused that, I, on my ninja 250 could take the turn on the overpass in heavy traffic at 92kph. He then proceeds to tell me that I was travelling at the bottom of the hill at 90kph… How the fuck do I lose 2kph downhill whilst not braking? He was camping pretty well so I didn’t even know he was there until he ran across 3 lanes of traffic to flag me down. I then go to the spot to where they were camping and the angle at which they are taking their readings makes it negligible to consider taking an accurate reading for the far lane. To summarise; I believe I was within the speed limit and wrongly accused, I believe that he clocked the car on the radar and not myself. Can this happen?
  2. I recently lost my licence in the national park – I was done 126 in a 60 zone but the cop removed 20 off, on paper 106 is still 45 and over but it has said on the fine 30kms and over. I am looking to appeal due to needing a licence for work, as I drive around doing installs and if I don’t have a licence I’ll lose the job. I can get written character references all from work etc, my boss is also an ex cop (if that at all helps) is it worth appealing? What would be my chances with your Sydney criminal lawyers? I don’t want to spend money then lose? What’s the chances I will win? What are the likely outcomes?

  3. Just got done 45 km/h over, $2197 fine, immediate licence suspension. Another rider was behind me when I got pulled over so I imagine pin pointing their little radar at me would’ve been difficult and I honestly doubt they got solid evidence. Did not admit to the speeds they claimed I was going. Am I full fucked or should I try contest this? btw this was on way home from tonights Nasho run

  4. Right so i got done tonight!! 45 and over! Thinking of appealing just so i can keep my car licence at least. But i was in a 60 zone thought maybe i could get a section 10? Is it worth it or just wear the 6 months?

  5. I need advice. My license is getting suspended on the 23rd of June for 3 months. I’m on my greens for both car and bike and I’ve got 2 speeding offences, one for 15kmh over and one for 10kmh over. caught by camera, I just recently got a job that requires me to drive around to different places taking things with me. my question is, if i appeal it, what are my chances of getting off on a good behaviours bond?

  6. General question, today i was in side street waiting to turn left onto the main road, saw a car coming on my right from a distance of about 30-40m with his indicator to turn into the street i was in. So seeing that i decided to turn onto the main road which almost got me rear-ended as he kept going straight instead. We exchanged afew words i told him he had his blinker on and we had a small discussion about it. Anyways, what i wanted to know was am i in the wrong if i had been hit? Just thinking to myself should i have waited for him to turn into the street before coming out next time so that i dont put myself in this situation again.

  7. When you get a speeding fine on your P1 license. After the 3 month suspension , what happens ?

  8. Hey guys, I have a question before I stop sleeping for 2 weeks: few minutes ago, I was in a 50km speed zone riding around 43/45 max and I have passed a yellow traffic light and got flashed !

    I don’t know how come as it can’t be the speed as I am quite slow and was obviously under the limit, and I am sure that both traffic lights were yellow when I passed, perhaps the 2nd turned red at the very last moment but I already passed the first one so should be ok?! I only got flashed ones, a friend told me in general it’s 2 shots, do you confirm? As I am on my Ls + double demerit so can be fatal

What our traffic law department is asked about demerit points

Negligent Driving

Did anyone else know that you get a fine for negligent driving – demerit points if you crash?
I didn’t until I got the penalty notice in the mail just now…Question when you dispute a negligent driving fine in court, do you go in alone and represent yourself or what?

Lane filtering on a motorbike

  1. I have a question about lane filtering. When we pass all the cars and reach the solid line in front, what should we do? Stay between two cars? Or Cross the solid line and stay in front of one of the cars next to us? Once a driver was so close to hit me when I was going in front him after green.
  2. Is it illegal to lane filter with the mirrors folded in? Bike cop pulled me over on parra rd for it. No fine, just a warning; but I’ve been doing it for years and never had a problem before.

Failure to Giveway

How bad the ticket is for “Failure to Giveway to oncoming vehicles” and can it be easily won in court or not?

Running a Red or Yellow light

Need urgent help and advice, so I ran a YELLOW light and made it, then halfway it turned red. I know I made it 100% across the yellow light. So the police that was behind me from far said I ran a red light and he is confident. What do I do? I got no dash cam as proof… I think this is not fair at all that what I did was legal and he says I did something that I 100% didn’t. I also got a witness in my car but that wouldn’t help obviously would it? He now has sent me a fine for running a red Light. Help!

Licence Suspension Appeal NSW

Have you done appeals against licence suspension on L’s? I get my last fine 2 months ago and they will suspend it in December, so 3 months later. Is that right? And did you win?

Driving whilst suspended

I was very unlucky to get pulled over and got caught riding on my suspended license. I was being honest and all since I can clearly see these officers were old and weren’t gonna give me a chance. I have to go court in 2 weeks’ time and yeah.. that’s 1 year on top I think. I know I’ve totally screwed up, but is there any chance of getting this reduced?


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