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Case Dismissed! Drive in right lane where speed-limit over 80km/h


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Case Dismissed: Drive in right lane where speed-limit over 80km/h

Our solicitor, Nicholas Hardy-Clements, represented a middle aged male at Wyong Local Court in relation to the following charge:

  1. Drive in right lane where speed-limit over 80km/h where the maximum penalty is 20 penalty units. The case concerned our client driving in an overtaking lane along a highway.

On sentence, Mr Hardy-Clements gave thorough and in-depth submissions. In support of his submissions, Mr Hardy-Clements tendered a letter to the court, several character references which highlighted the otherwise good nature of our client, a completed Traffic Offenders Program, our client’s personal circumstances, and his acceptance of full responsibility by entering a guilty plea at his first opportunity.

After considering Mr Hardy-Clements’ persuasive submissions and all the material, the Court found the offence proven, however dismissed the matter without proceeding to conviction. The Magistrate dismissed the matter, he was not subject to a criminal conviction, nor any fines, leaving his record and reputation unscathed.

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This result was achieved by Mr Hardy-Clements’ thorough preparation and excellent representation. This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Mr Hardy-Clements who cares for his client’s circumstances and will work hard to ensure their case is prepared and presented in a way that gives full effect to every factor in a client’s favour.


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