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Last Minute License Suspension Appeal

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On this occasion, our senior solicitor, Mr Wissam Philopos, represented a man whom we filed a licence appeal for to save his licence from suspension. The matter was heard at Parramatta Local Court.

Our solicitor, Mr Philopos, worked extremely fast in ensuring this matter was taken care of. Our client came to us in need of help only 1 day before the matter was scheduled to be heard in court. Mr Philopos was able to make submissions to the court in that short time frame. Our client considered our clients age, good character and need for a licence to assist the family business. The client also was in need of his licence as he was beginning to start his formal education and a licence was integral in ensuring that he would be able to make it to this education each day/week.

Our representation of our client resulted in the court accepting Mr Philopos’ submissions and our clients personal circumstances and declaring that his licence would not be suspended by Transport NSW.

This result was down to the hard work and dedication shown by our solicitor, Mr Philopos, in ensuring that he could achieve the best possible outcome for our client in such a short period of time. Although only having less than a day to prepare, Mr Philopos ensured that our client was supported through strong evidence and submissions.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Mr Philopos who cares for his client’s circumstances and will work hard to ensure their case is prepared and presented in a way that ensures the Court gives full effect to every factor in a client’s favour.


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