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Driving over the speed limit on a public holiday- Appeal Upheld

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Our Solicitor Danielle Epifania represented a 20-year-old female at Parramatta Local Court in relation to the clients License Suspension Appeal. 

  • Licence Suspension Appeal, pursuant to the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW). 

The case involved our client driving at 1.00 am after collecting a friend from the suburb of Double Bay. It was dark and our client was focussing on the road, the road conditions, and other drivers on the road. The client did not realise that she was travelling over the speed limit, and she was pulled over by a police officer.  

A fortnight later the client had received an infringement in the mail for exceeding speed over 10km/h. As a Provisional 2 license holder the demerit points incurred because of the offence were four and as the offence took place on a public holiday the offence carried eight demerit points.  Upon paying the infringement, Transport for NSW imposed the automatic three-month suspension period. 


In accordance with the clients’ instructions, Ms Epifania tendered the subjective material and certificate of completion for the Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program (TORP).

Ms Epifania made submissions in relation to the client’s good character, short driving history and need for a license to be able to continue to work and to be able to attend to family matters.

The Representative for Transport for NSW was not heard against Ms Epifania’s submissions. The Magistrate noted the submissions from Ms Epifania.

Outcome Achieved-Appeal Upheld

Her Honour upheld the appeal and as a result our client did not have to serve any license suspension period.

This was a great result for both our client and our firm.


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