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How One Speed Camera Raked in $1.3M in Just 30 Days

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Set against the urban sprawl of Sydney’s Inner West, there stands a sentinel. It’s not an imposing statue or an architectural marvel, but a lone speed camera. Its location? The Westconnex M4 East tunnel at Croydon. In the span of a mere month, this unassuming device caught the fleeting blur of over 2400 speeding drivers, translating to a staggering revenue of $1.3 million in fines. But is this figure a testament to vigilant law enforcement or a reflection of a broader problem?

August was a particularly lucrative month for speed cameras in Sydney. Not to be outdone, the Northconnex Tunnel at Normanhurst also had its cash registers ringing, tallying over $398,000 in fines. Moving eastbound on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, another camera added a significant sum to the coffers. Yet another contender, a camera on Ryde Road heading southbound at West Pymble, was hot on its heels.

While these numbers might be music to the ears of city treasurers, for the everyday driver, they strike a more sombre note. Speed cameras, often equipped with red light detection devices, are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they serve as deterrents, promoting safer driving. On the other, they can be seen as pesky reminders of momentary lapses in judgment or attention.

Received an infringement notice? A glimmer of hope remains. Many aren’t aware that it’s possible to appeal both speeding and red light camera offences. If you find yourself staring at a notice, remember you have a window of 21 days to lodge your appeal. You can start by reaching out to the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) before taking the matter to court. If curiosity gets the better of you and you wish to see the exact moment the camera caught you, you can obtain a copy of the photograph – for a fee, of course.

At Jameson Law, we understand that sometimes, speed cameras can catch even the most law-abiding drivers off-guard. If you ever find yourself in a tangle with traffic infringements, remember we’re just a call away, ready to guide you through the maze of legalities.

Because in a world where a single camera can generate over a million dollars in a month, it’s good to know you’re not navigating the road alone. Drive safe, Sydney!


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